About Us

Montimage is an innovative company created in 2004 and located in Paris. It is specialized in software development and testing services.

Montimage has a team of multidisciplinary talents specialized in the design and development of complex systems. We are engaged to deliver lasting solutions that reveal business and market insight and span multiple technologies and platforms.

Because quality for us is a non comprising obligation, we follow the industry best practices in software engineering and testing methodologies, and adapt them to meet the specific needs of every client. In this same perspective, we have carried out a substantial research effort to bring forth a set of innovative testing techniques and automation tools.

As it is the cornerstone for a global Quality Assurance, we consolidated the test process by enabling its full automation from generation to execution. In this way, we can obtain a high level of coverage, reliability and security while reducing the cost in time and effort.

We believe that every client is unique. Our methodology adapts to each client’s business needs to bring customized solutions that meet their expectations. We strongly rely on innovation to bring the best technology to our customers and projects.

For further information, please visit our website at http://montimage.com